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Lightning protection grounding of photovoltaic power station Jan 11, 2019

Photovoltaic power plants are arranged in open and flat desert Gobi or shoals. Due to the lack of tall buildings and trees, lightning strikes are highly prone to occur, especially in areas with frequent lightning. On the other hand, the lightning protection grounding of photovoltaic power plants seems simple but crucial. It is directly related to the operation of solar cell components, photovoltaic arrays, AC and DC cables, inverters, transformers and other equipment and the safety of power plant maintenance personnel.


Status quo


As an emerging environmentally-friendly power generation technology and industry, solar photovoltaic power generation has no independent design specifications to clarify how to implement the lightning protection grounding design of photovoltaic power plants. At present, most of the domestic projects are based on the “Lightning Protection Design Code for Buildings GB50057-2010”. And the specification of the lightning protection grounding design of the power system is used for reference design, which is often not targeted, and the price-proof grounding effect and investment difference are large.